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Extended Warranty

We Offer Extended Warranties & Peace of Mind

It’s no surprise that most major repairs are needed after the original factory warranty has expired, which means you will have to deal with all the inconvenience, time, energy and expense of those repairs.

We offer a wide array of extended service contracts ranging from basic power train to cover the major components such as engine, transmission, and final drive, to a full and comprehensive premium care coverage warranty blanketing not only major components, but electrical and high tech options as well. Depending on the age and mileage of your vehicle, you can purchase up to 80,000 km's of coverage and you can select from a national network of over 6,000 authorized service centers or any licensed repair facility in the U.S. or Canada. Our warranties also cover substitute vehicle transportation and road side assistance. 

This is why an extended service contract becomes of utmost importance to our customers. At Adrenalin Motors, we consider ourselves a leader in customer satisfaction after the sale and with an extended service contract that customer satisfaction is also guaranteed well into the future.

Today's vehicles are expensive and complicated. A Extended Service Contract provides the financial peace-of-mind all customers deserve and ensures that your vehicle remains on the road where it belongs.



Platinum Shield Auto Protection

Keep your vehicle looking and feeling like new.Your new vehicle has to battle the wear and tear of our harsh Canadian climate. Strong UV rays, extreme heat or cold, snow and ice, rain and humidity, road salt, and pollutants can harm your car’s beauty and its functions.

Platinum Shield’s market-leading technologies will defend your vehicle exterior and interior against harsh conditions.



Interior Protection

A driver’s spilled coffee or a child’s sloppy snack are mishaps you can almost always expect for your car or RV’s interior, but what about bigger messes and more unexpected mishaps? A cut from a hockey skate, or a tear from a forgotten object in your pocket? An accidental spray that stains your headliner? With Platinum Shield Interior Protection, you can get:

  • Fabric Protection: An invisible barrier that prevents liquids from soaking in and ensures easy clean-up of spills. It penetrates individual fibres in the fabric to repel moisture and dirt and prevent permanent staining, while allowing the treated fabric to breathe. This treatment won’t change the colour or texture of the fabric or leave a residual odour.
  • Leather/Vinyl Protection: A penetrating conditioner that protects against cracking and hardening of leather or vinyl by locking in essential oils and pigments and screening against the sun’s powerful UV rays. The flat satin finish of a protected dashboard eliminates glare and reduces dust.
  • Rip, Tear or Burn Guarantee: An upgrade that guarantees against perforation due to accidental rips, tears or burns. It requires either Fabric or Leather/Vinyl Protection.


Paint Protection

The sun's powerful UV rays will cause your vehicle or RV's paint to fade and the clear-coat finish on your vehicle or RV’s painted surface is uneven, allowing dirt, salt, pollutants, and moisture to get trapped. This can dull your vehicle or RV’s finish, ruin its look, and affect its resale value.

Platinum Shield Paint Protection is a long-lasting sealant that enhances the paint’s clear coating. It protects paint from fading by reflecting UV rays and its durable finish leaves the surface significantly smoother with no need for waxing.

An Environmental Paint Guarantee upgrade is available for vehicle plans which also protects against damage caused by acid rain, tree sap, and bird droppings.


Rust Protection

Vehicles have many hard-to-reach crevices where moisture and dirt collect, creating ideal conditions for rust. Once it gets going, rust can adversely affect how your car performs and shorten its life. Platinum Shield offers two choices for holding rust at bay:

  • Rust Inhibitor Spray: A synthetic waterproof product that is sprayed into inner cavities and crevices. It bonds to metal, so it will not drip or run off. Since it is applied between the exterior and interior panels via existing holes in the doors, no drilling is required. This one-time application extends the life of your car. Guarantees against rust perforation that occurs from the inside out.
  • Corrosion Control Module: A new environmental approach to winning the war on rust. It consists of a microprocessor that generates a repetitive pulsing surface current which reduces the oxidation of metal. The current is distributed to both sides of the car's sheet metal panels, including the floorboards and above the window line. Areas that conventional products cannot reach, such as the roof and inseams, are also protected with this method. Guarantees against rust perforation that occurs from the inside out.

If you've also purchased Platinum Shield Protection, an Environmental Surface Rust Guarantee is available as an upgrade for either of the rust protection methods above. It guarantees you against rust from the inside out or the outside in, as well as against surface rust formation.

Undercoat Protection

Canadian roads and weather conditions are hard on your vehicle. Deep puddles, uneven pavement, loose gravel, and road salt can all shorten the life of your vehicle's undercarriage.
Undercoat protection is specially formulated to preserve a car’s most vulnerable, high-impact areas. It seals out moisture and protects against road salt. Because of its pliability, it won’t crack, peel or chip.


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Pre-Owned Vehicle Extended Warranties

Buying a used car is more complicated than buying a new one. If you buy a car "as is," you'll have to pay for anything that goes wrong after the sale. As your vehicle gets older, the cost of repairs will increase. That's when you need protection the most. Make sure you have the best long-term protection possible for your investment. And, if you buy protection now, you can include the cost of the plan you choose in the financing of your vehicle.


Gap Protection

In the event your vehicle is stolen or declared a total loss by insurance, GAP protects. Insurance usually covers only the actual cash value of the vehicle. With GAP Insurance, the amount left over, or the difference between the actual cash value and the amount owed, is covered. GAP Insurance covers the difference and more...

 Platinum Security Protection

Keep thieves away from your vehicle.

Motor vehicle theft is one of the most common police-reported offences in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, in 2016, there were nearly 80,000 reported vehicle thefts across the country – that’s nearly 220 each day, or 1 every 7 minutes!  Automobile theft costs Canadians approximately $1 billion per year.

Platinum Security Protection is an effective theft deterrent system to keep your car secure.  The system has 3 key components:

Thieves avoid vehicles with the Platinum Security Protection because it increases the likelihood of getting caught, makes the vehicle harder to sell, and makes the parts less profitable to chop-shops. Unlike other theft deterrents, there is no monitoring fee and protection cannot be disarmed, disabled or disconnected. Coverage is renewable for a subsequent term, and transferable if you sell your vehicle. Coverage varies by province and vehicle type. Please speak to your dealer for program information.


Dents, dings, scratches, cuts – don’t worry, we’ll fix them.

Do you experience a sinking feeling when you hear another car door open into yours? Or cringe when you see a grocery cart scrape the side of a car?

AutoGuard protects against these small but agonizing accidents. AutoGuard covers the cost to repair:

  • Dents and dings up to 10cm in width or length that can be removed with Paintless Dent Removal.

  • Scratches up to 30cm in length on accessible exterior factory-painted vertical sheet metal body panels.

  • Cuts, tears and burns to leather, cloth and vinyl upholstery up to 5cm in length (must penetrate the original factory leather or upholstery).

Autoguard can help maintain the value of your vehicle when you sell it, trade it in or return it at the end of a lease. There’s no deductible and claims won’t increase your insurance premium.  Coverage is available for both new and used vehicles, and you get up to 12 services per year.

Creditor Insurance

We provide a range of insurance products to help protect your family.

Imagine not being able to work because of an illness or injury.  Would you be able to carry your financial load until you are able to start working again? If you pass away, would you be putting an additional financial burden on your family?

If you’re like most Canadians, an unexpected disability or death might strain your household’s finances. First Canadian’s creditor insurance is an easy way to protect against this strain.  In the event of your covered disability or death, First Canadian will make your insured vehicle payments to your lender or payout the insured portion of your vehicle loan entirely.

Our benefit payments are tax-free, never have to be repaid, and are over and above any other insurance you may have.  Premiums can be included in your vehicle financing and are based only on your financed amount, not your age.  No medical exam is required. Our coverage is in place 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for the entire term of your loan (with shorter term options also available).



First Canadian offers the following creditor insurance products:

Life Insurance

First Canadian's creditor life insurance is designed to protect your family from the financial risks of an unexpected death.

If you die before your vehicle loan is fully re-paid, First Canadian will pay off the insured balance owing directly to your lender. This leaves your family with an asset instead of a liability.

You are protected during the entire term of your loan (or a shorter period if you select short-term benefits). Premiums are low and claims are easy. A few simple health questions may be required, however, no physical exam is necessary to qualify.


Disability Insurance

First Canadian’s disability insurance is designed to protect you from the financial risks of an interruption in your ability to earn an income.

If you become sick or get injured, on or off the job, and are unable to earn an income, First Canadian will pay the insured monthly vehicle payment on your behalf directly to your lender, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. This allows you to focus on healing without the worry of making your vehicle payments.

Benefits continue for as long as you remain disabled (as defined in the policy) and you may claim as many times as necessary during the term of your coverage. Payments are made directly to the creditor monthly for each day of Total Disability. A waiting period after disability may apply, but benefits can be paid retroactively from the first day of disability if you choose that coverage. Partial payment options are also available to allow you to match your coverage and premium to your needs.