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Jason Eliason - Finance Director

Meet Jason Eliason, our Finance Manager. If you are interested in purchasing a Luxurious Premium Pre-owned Vehicle, getting your self established or repairing your credit Eli can help you achieve your auto goals.

No Payments for 90 Days!

Are you in the market for a used vehicle but not ready for the payment? Know someone who is?
Well there’s no reason to wait months when you can shop now & pay later!

Adrenalin Motors is proud to offer a 90-Day Payment Deferment Program for customers to defer their first payment

Deferred payments for 90 days on select, used vehicles with approved credit through participating lender for a term up to 60 months. Loan origination fees may apply. Interest, if applicable, accrues from contract date. Payment deferral not available in Québec. Deferred payments available on purchased vehicles only. Restrictions may apply. Must take used retail delivery from dealer stock. See participating dealer for complete details.



I'm going to answer the top 5 most commonly asked questions .....

1. Can I pay my auto loan off early? If so, are there any charges/ penalties involved?

All our loans can be paid off early, without having to deal with any penalties. Of course, not every lender is the same. So make sure you understand the terms and conditions involved with your particular loan agreement, regarding early (and late) payments.

2. Longer or shorter loan term?

The average term for a car loan is 68 months, according to 2016 data, but you could get a shorter or longer one. Banks offering Longer loan terms mean lower monthly payments; however, you end up paying more interest over the life of the loan. Shorter loan terms mean a harder hit to your monthly budget, but you pay less in interest during the loan term.

3. Big down payment or small one?
Are there any limitations/requirements regarding my down payment or the type of vehicle I can drive?

Consider whether to make a down payment and, if so, how large it should be. The amount helps determine the size of your monthly payments. If you don’t have much saved or are prioritizing other goals like saving for retirement, you may need to put down a low sum or forgo the down payment entirely in exchange for higher monthly payments

As you most likely recognize, no two loans are built the same. And because of that, you can expect some loans to have limitations or restrictions. These can include requirements for an initial down payment – don’t assume all lenders give you the $0 down option. Additionally, some loan companies will recommend certain vehicles (instead of others) depending on the amount of financing you qualify for.

4. If I have bad or unestablished credit, what should I expect?

If you don’t have the best credit, it’s important for you to inquire about your options. Generally speaking, there are loans that cater to individuals with poor or unestablished credit, but they’re certainly different from regular loans. And that’s why you’ll need to ask questions about them. For example, interests rates tend to be higher, and the lender may dissuade you from financing certain vehicles due to their higher costs. All of these are questions you should ask beforehand.

5. How do I fix my bad credit ? (this answer is a 6 parter)

1️⃣ Figure out where you stand
Before you begin do-it-yourself credit repair, you’ll want to get copies of your full credit reports from the bureaus (TransUnion, and Equifax)
2️⃣If you find errors, dispute them
The next step in credit repair is to dispute incorrect information on your credit report.
3️⃣Stop the bleeding
Once you deal with any errors on your credit report, it’s time to ensure you’re not still spending more than you can afford each month.
4️⃣ Pay all bills on time going forward
If you want to fix bad credit, you need to start paying all of your monthly bills on time, period!
5️⃣ Pay down credit card balances
Take charge of your credit cards by paying down their balances.
6️⃣ Don’t apply for new credit
Finally, resist the temptation to open a new credit card, even when a store offers a discount on your purchase for doing so.





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Finance Hours

Monday - Thursday 9am - 6pm
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Whether you’re from Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Vancouver, or Toronto, make Adrenalin Motors your choice for leasing or financing! Our Accredited Business Manager have a variety of plans as well as more than 20 years of collective experience to find you the perfect program to suit your needs.

We work with over 10 lending institutions to ensure that you receive the lowest interest rates and best financing and leasing plans for your new car, truck, or SUV. We also work with several lenders specifically centered on helping you rebuild your credit should you require such a service.

So if you’re ready for a better kind of financing experience, call our professional team of credit specialists at 403-887-7707 or apply for pre-approval now and we’ll contact you shortly to discuss your options!



Here at Adrenalin Motors, it’s true that our Business Managers have over 20 years combined experience in Credit Coaching. It’s also true that they really want to help you finance or lease your new to you car. They’re trained to examine particular credit and financial situations and then offer the best plans, or even just general advice, for your needs.

It’s important for you to develop your financial and credit goals, so it’s important to us too. We’re trained to do just this, and create a plan for you to establish a solid credit rating. Working with over 10 lending institutions, we will get you the best vehicle financing or leasing plans in Canada.

Our Credit Coaches are standing by to help you rebuild your credit today. You can reach us at 403-887-7707 or you can apply for pre-approval now.



Having that new vehicle for work or everyday life is as important to you as it is to us. We want to make it easy for you to get your new car, truck, or SUV.

Don’t worry if your credit is less than perfect. Adrenalin Motors has flexible financing options for any type of credit or financial situation, so you can leave it to us to make it work for you! Our strong relationships with over 10 financial institutions means that we can secure a better financing rate than you might be able to, yourself.

Your credit rating or financial situation shouldn’t prevent you from getting that new vehicle you need. We’ll make sure it doesn’t!





What I Need To Buy A Vehicle

Buying a vehicle, even a used vehicle, can be a daunting process. You may be wondering what exactly you need to bring with you when shopping at the Adrenalin Motors. Our staff here is aware of the stress that can come with buying a vehicle, so we want to alleviate that stress as much as possible by providing an easy-to-use checklist of what you need to bring with you when making your purchase. We want you to have a smooth buying process when getting behind the wheel of the used vehicle you have always wanted, so make sure you bring the following:

Your Driver’s License

Your Current Registration

This applies to you if you’re trading in a vehicle but you still happen to have a lien against that model. Feel free to ask the staff more about this process.

Proof of Insurance

Your insurance card should have the name of whoever is purchasing the used vehicle in addition to whoever else will be on the vehicle’s title. Your insurance card doesn’t have to be for the vehicle you’re buying; it can also be for the model you own currently.

License Plates

Your license plate can come off your trade in, or you can purchase a new one at your local regestration office. keep in mind Sylvan Lake does have a Registrys. 

Everybody Involved with the Purchase

Make sure you’re bringing along everybody who has to sign for the purchase as well as anybody who is going to be on the trade title or signing the paperwork for your loan, including co-signers as well as co-owners. Make sure you bring along everyone who will be on your vehicle’s title.

Form of Payment

If you’re looking to make a down payment on a used vehicle, you need to bring your checkbook, wallet, cash or some other form of payment. You also might want to buy an available extended service contract.