Buying a vehicle, even a used vehicle, can be a daunting process. You may be wondering what exactly you need to bring with you when shopping for a used car.   Our staff at the Adreanlin Motors is aware of the stress that can come with buying a used vehicle, so we want to alleviate that stress as much as possible by providing an easy-to-use checklist of what you need to bring with you when making your purchase. We want you to have a smooth buying process when getting behind the wheel of the used vehicle you have always wanted, so make sure you bring the following:


Your Driver’s License

Your Current Registration

This applies to you if you’re trading in a vehicle but you still happen to have a lien against that model. Feel free to ask the staff more about this process. 

Proof of Insurance

Your insurance card should have the name of whoever is purchasing the used vehicle in addition to whoever else will be on the vehicle’s title. Your insurance card doesn’t have to be for the vehicle you’re buying; it can also be for the model you own currently.

Everybody Involved with the Purchase

Make sure you’re bringing along everybody who has to sign for the purchase as well as anybody who is going to be on the trade title or signing the paperwork for your loan, including co-signers as well as co-owners. Make sure you bring along everyone who will be on your vehicle’s title.

Form of Payment

If you’re looking to make a down payment on a used vehicle, you need to bring your checkbook, wallet, cash or some other form of payment. You also might want to buy an available extended service contract.



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